[Gluster-devel] compiling 3.3 , error

Jay Vyas jayunit100 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 21:32:56 UTC 2013

Hi guys:  Im trying to build glusterfs so I can look into the shared object
files. However, Im getting this error.

Im not quite sure how to run make in verbose mode.   it seems like the mode
it is running in is quiet.  Also, forgive my ignorance of the debugging the
C build process if im missing something trivial here: thanks in advance ...

[jay at fedoravm glusterfs]$ make
make --no-print-directory --quiet all-recursive
Making all in argp-standalone
Making all in .
  CC     argp-ba.o
  CC     argp-eexst.o
  CC     argp-fmtstream.o
  CC     argp-help.o
  CC     argp-parse.o
  CC     argp-pv.o
  CC     argp-pvh.o
  AR     libargp.a
Making all in libglusterfs
Making all in src
  CC     libglusterfs_la-dict.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-xlator.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-logging.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-hashfn.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-defaults.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-common-utils.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-timer.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-inode.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-call-stub.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-compat.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-fd.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-compat-errno.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-event.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-mem-pool.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-gf-dirent.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-syscall.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-iobuf.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-globals.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-statedump.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-stack.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-checksum.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-daemon.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-rb.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-rbthash.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-latency.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-graph.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-clear.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-copy.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-gen_uuid.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-pack.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-parse.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-unparse.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-uuid_time.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-compare.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-isnull.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-unpack.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-syncop.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-graph-print.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-trie.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-run.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-options.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-fd-lk.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-circ-buff.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-event-history.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-gidcache.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-ctx.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-basename_r.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-dirname_r.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-gf_mkostemp.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-event-poll.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-event-epoll.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-y.tab.lo
  CC     libglusterfs_la-graph.lex.lo
  CCLD   libglusterfs.la
Making all in rpc
Making all in rpc-lib
Making all in src
  CC     auth-unix.lo
  CC     rpcsvc-auth.lo
  CC     rpcsvc.lo
  CC     auth-null.lo
  CC     rpc-transport.lo
  CC     xdr-rpc.lo
  CC     xdr-rpcclnt.lo
  CC     rpc-clnt.lo
  CC     auth-glusterfs.lo
  CCLD   libgfrpc.la
Making all in rpc-transport
Making all in socket
Making all in src
  CC     socket.lo
  CC     name.lo
  CCLD   socket.la
Making all in xdr
Making all in src
  CC     libgfxdr_la-xdr-generic.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-rpc-common-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-glusterfs3-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-cli1-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-glusterd1-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-portmap-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-nlm4-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-xdr-nfs3.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-msg-nfs3.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-nsm-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-nlmcbk-xdr.lo
  CC     libgfxdr_la-acl3-xdr.lo
  CCLD   libgfxdr.la
Making all in api
Making all in src
  CC     libgfapi_la-glfs.lo
  CC     libgfapi_la-glfs-mgmt.lo
  CC     libgfapi_la-glfs-fops.lo
  CC     libgfapi_la-glfs-resolve.lo
  CCLD   libgfapi.la
  CC     glfs-master.lo
  CCLD   api.la
Making all in xlators
Making all in cluster
Making all in stripe
Making all in src
  CC     stripe.lo
  CC     stripe-helpers.lo
  CC     libxlator.lo
  CCLD   stripe.la
Making all in afr
Making all in src
  CC     afr-dir-read.lo
  CC     afr-dir-write.lo
  CC     afr-inode-read.lo
  CC     afr-inode-write.lo
  CC     afr-open.lo
  CC     afr-transaction.lo
  CC     afr-self-heal-data.lo
  CC     afr-self-heal-common.lo
  CC     afr-self-heal-metadata.lo
  CC     afr-self-heal-entry.lo
  CC     afr-self-heal-algorithm.lo
  CC     afr-lk-common.lo
  CC     afr-self-heald.lo
  CC     libxlator.lo
  CC     afr.lo
make[5]: *** [afr.lo] Error 1
make[4]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[3]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

Jay Vyas
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