[Gluster-devel] removing the statedump options file

Raghavendra Bhat rabhat at redhat.com
Tue Feb 19 07:03:09 UTC 2013


As of now when statedump command is issued via cli (gluster volume 
statedump <volname> [options]) depending upon what options is given via 
cli a temporary file (glusterdump.<pid>.options) file is created by 
glusterd and glusterfsd process read that file to decide what 
information should be dumped. But the problem is glusterd after issuing 
the SIGUSR1 signal to the glusterfsd processes, sleeps for 1 second and 
then unlinks the options file. To fix that a patch was sent ( 
http://review.gluster.org/#change,2585), where

* the glusterfsd process after dumping the information to the statedump 
file, unlinked the options by (instead of glusterd doing it)

Another approach suggested to me was this:

* Have a separate thread in glusterd which keeps on polling for the file 
glusterdump.<pid>.options.over (i.e some renamed file). glusterfsd after 
dumping the information, renames the options file and thats when 
glusterd realizes the statedump is taken and unlinks the file. (The new 
thread is spawned whenever statedump is issued and is finished after 
unlinking the renamed options file).

Please let me know the inputs.

Raghavendra Bhat
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