[Gluster-devel] metadata split brain check in afr

Raghavendra Bhat rabhat at redhat.com
Mon Feb 11 12:23:37 UTC 2013


The commit http://review.gluster.org/#change,4483 (which fixes the issue 
of anonymous fds not being used in fops like fstat and readv in 
open-behind xlator) is failing when the testcase bug-873962.t is executed.

The script creates metada split-brain for a file and then tries to read 
the file (cat <filename>). As per the script cat should fail as the 
metadata split-brain is detected in afr_open which unwinds the fop with EIO.

But because of open-behind (which uses anonymous fds for readv and 
fstat) the tests are failing. Since open is not sent by open-behind, the 
split-brain is not detected by afr. Then as part of "cat" readv is sent 
on the fd. Now afr_readv checks only for data split-brain for that file 
and sends read request to the read-child (as data split brain is not 
there, thus ignoring the metadata split-brain) and read is successful. 
But the script expects the test to fail.

So in afr if open is successful, then should the further fops on that fd 
check for both the data and metadata split-brain and unwind with error 
if found?

Raghavendra Bhat
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