[Gluster-devel] Introducing... JMWBot (the alter-ego of johnmark)

James purpleidea at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 18:09:56 UTC 2013

Yes, it's true.
I've been up late hacking on Gluster (and Puppet-Gluster)...

While waiting for my code to compile, patch review (*cough*), and for
JMW (aka johnmark) to take care of a few todo items, I realized I had
never written an IRC bot!! Now I never aspired to be the bot master that
JoeJulian is, but I figured I needed this notch on my hacker belt...

Therefore, I'd like to introduce: JMWBot. (now with 20% more twisted!)

JMWBot is the affectionate alter-ego of johnmark. JMWBot should most
likely be found hanging out in #gluster, and waiting for johnmark to
talk. If he does, JMWBot will bug johnmark up to once a day [1] to
remind him of pending todo items... set by you!

To add a public reminder in #gluster for johnmark:
JMWBot: @remind bring home some milk

To add a private reminder for johnmark:
/msg JMWBot @remind bring home some bacon

To list items, you can highlight the bot or /msg the bot with the @list
command. Only johnmark has the ability to @done <id> items. When your
item gets closed, you should get a message if you're on Freenode (and
you haven't changed your nick.)


* Why did you do this?
This is a hack, it was written for fun!

* Does this really work?
Yes, I think so. I tested it briefly. It stores your reminders on disk,
so your data should be safe across (currently manual) rejoin's. I don't
back up the server often, and all of this is WITHOUT WARRANTY, etc...

* Really?
Yeah, I think so. Test it out and let me know!

* Can this be done for other people/channels than johnmark/#gluster?
Yes! Please feel free to run your own bot, code is "open source" [2].

* I <3 puppet-gluster [3], where can I send $$$, resources and praise?
/msg purpleidea in #gluster or @purpleidea on irc! Thanks!

* Yikes! This code is terrible.
Well it's not that bad. But it was meant as a dirty hack. Feel free to
send patches or bug reports.

* I didn't find this funny/cool/amusing or even stable.
Sorry! It was written with good intentions.

I for one, welcome our new IRC overlords. Please /kick it, and let me
know how it misbehaved. /ban-ing the bot will make it sad :(

Well, enjoy and Happy hacking!

@purpleidea (irc / twitter)

[1] configurable on request
[2] /msg purpleidea please send me JMWBot, ps: i <3 puppet-gluster
[3] https://github.com/purpleidea/puppet-gluster

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