[Gluster-devel] Remote volume listing

Pete Zaitcev zaitcev at redhat.com
Fri Nov 16 20:21:47 UTC 2012

Guys, I've got a vague qustion if I may:

In Gluster UFO there's a piece of code like so:

def _get_export_list():
        cmnd = 'ssh %s gluster volume info' % MOUNT_IP
        cmnd = 'gluster volume info'
    export_list = []
    if os.system(cmnd + ' >> /dev/null'):

So, Gluster server has to allow root ssh without password from clients.
This strikes me as less than optimal, even though the clients in my
case are Swift proxy nodes that have to be secure.

Now the question. I seem to recall that Jeff Darcy implemented something
like that for HekaFS, where an additional daemon is run at the server
with access to bricks, and delivers the things like volfiles over HTTP.
It would be ideal to get the list of volumes through it. In UFO we don't
even need to run curl, just invoke one of standard libraries.

Is this something we have by default in GlusterFS these days? If yes,
how to access it (what port/path)? I believe it was a part of glusterfsd.

-- Pete

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