[Gluster-devel] Questions on SSL in 3.4.0qa2

Emmanuel Dreyfus manu at netbsd.org
Sat Nov 3 06:59:02 UTC 2012

About SSL support, client logs stuff below at mount time. Is the first
"SSL support is NOT enabled" message relevant?

[2012-11-03 06:33:05.193306] I [socket.c:3286:socket_init] 0-glusterfs:
SSL support is NOT enabled
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.193560] I [socket.c:3301:socket_init] 0-glusterfs:
using system polling thread
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.232633] I [socket.c:3286:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-3: SSL support is ENABLED
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.232668] I [socket.c:3301:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-3: using private polling thread
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.253702] I [socket.c:3286:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-2: SSL support is ENABLED
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.253730] I [socket.c:3301:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-2: using private polling thread
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.258250] I [socket.c:3286:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-1: SSL support is ENABLED
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.258277] I [socket.c:3301:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-1: using private polling thread
[2012-11-03 06:33:05.262710] I [socket.c:3286:socket_init]
0-gfs33-client-0: SSL support is ENABLED

Another problem: if I mount/unmount/mount on a client, the second mount
fails and servers are stuck in a state where it is not possible to mount
until they are restarted. It is possible to mount the same filesystem
from a client using different mount pojnts, though. It will only break
when the filesystem is mounted for the second time on a given

It is not obvious to tell what goes wrong server-side, as log file
output seems now buffered: it is not updated real-time anymore. I can
see many lines like this, but I have trouble to tell when it starts:

[2012-11-03 06:41:41.671932] W [socket.c:399:__socket_rwv]
0-socket.management: readv failed (No message available
)[2012-11-03 06:41:41.793821] W [socket.c:399:__socket_rwv]
0-socket.management: readv failed (No message available)
[2012-11-03 06:41:42.355515] W [socket.c:399:__socket_rwv] 0-management:
readv failed (No message available)
[2012-11-03 06:41:42.355828] W
[socket.c:1830:__socket_proto_state_machine] 0-management: reading from
socket failed. Error (No message available), peer (

Emmanuel Dreyfus
manu at netbsd.org

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