[Gluster-devel] Can't use NFS with VMware ESXi

Fernando Frediani (Qube) fernando.frediani at qubenet.net
Fri May 25 11:36:55 UTC 2012

Actually, even on another Linux machine mounting NFS has the same behaviour. I am able to mount it with "mount -t nfs ..." but when I try "ls" it hangs as well.
One particular thing of the Gluster servers is that they have two networks, one for management with default gateway and another only for storage. I am only able to mount on the storage network.
The hosts file has all nodes' names with the ips on the storage network.

I tried to use this but didn't work either.
gluster volume set VOLUME nfs.rpc-auth-allow 10.10.100.*

Watching the nfs logs when I try a "ls" from the remote client it shows:

pending frames:

patchset: git://git.gluster.com/glusterfs.git
signal received: 11
time of crash: 2012-05-25 11:38:09
configuration details:
argp 1
backtrace 1
dlfcn 1
fdatasync 1
libpthread 1
llistxattr 1
setfsid 1
spinlock 1
epoll.h 1
xattr.h 1
st_atim.tv_nsec 1
package-string: glusterfs 3.3.0beta4



From: Fernando Frediani (Qube)
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Subject: Can't use NFS with VMware ESXi


I've setup a Gluster environment using CentOS 6.2 and GlusterFS 3.3 beta4 and the new type of volume striped + replicated. My go is to use it to run Virtual Machines (.vmdk files).

Volume is created fine and the ESXi server mountw the Datastore using Gluster  built-in NFS, however  when trying to use the Datastore or even read, it hangs.

Looking at the Gluster NFS logs I see:    "[socket.c:195:__socket_rwv] 0-socket.nfs-server: readv failed (Connection reset by peer)"

In order to get the rpm files installed I had first to install these two because of the some libraries: "compat-readline5-5.2-17.1.el6.x86_64".rpm and "openssl098e-0.9.8e-17.el6.centos.x86_64.rpm".Not sure if it has anything to do with that.

Has anyone ever used Gluster as a backend storage for ESXi ? Does it actually work ?


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