[Gluster-devel] glusterfs on MacOSX

Mihai Secasiu mihai at patchlog.com
Sun May 20 09:19:34 UTC 2012


I am trying to get glusterfs ( 3.2.6,  server ) to work on MacOSX ( Lion
- I think , darwin kernel 11.3 ).

So far I've been able to make it compile with a few patches and

I want to create a volume on a MacMini that will be a replica of another
volume stored on a linux server in a different location. The volume
stored on the MacMini would also have to be mounted on the macmini.

Since the fuse client is broken because it's built to use macfuse and
that doesn't work anymore on the latest MacOSX I want to mount the
volume over nfs and I've been able to do that ( with a small patch to
the xdr code ) but it's really really slow.

It's so slow that mounting the volume through a remote node is a lot
faster. Also mounting the same volume on a remote node is fast so the
problem is definitely in the nfs server on the MacOSX.

I did a strace ( dtruss ) on it and it seems like it's doing a lot of
polling. Could this be the cause of the slowness ?

If anyone wants to try this you can fetch it from


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