[Gluster-devel] ZkFarmer

Ian Latter ian.latter at midnightcode.org
Sun May 20 06:47:57 UTC 2012

> > And I am sick of the word-wrap on this client .. I think
> > you've finally convinced me to fix it ... what's normal
> > these days - still 80 chars?
> I used to line-wrap (gnus and cool emacs extensions). It doesn't make
> sense to line wrap any more. Let the email client handle it depending
> on the screen size of the device (mobile / tablet / desktop).

FYI found this; an hour of code parsing in the mail software
and it turns out that it had no wrapping .. it came from the
stupid textarea tag in the browser (wrap="hard").  Same principle
(server side coded, non client savvy) - now set to "soft".  So 
hopefully fixed :)


Ian Latter
Late night coder ..

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