[Gluster-devel] automake

Ian Latter ian.latter at midnightcode.org
Wed May 9 05:35:40 UTC 2012


  I have built a new module and I can't seem to 
get the changed makefiles to be built.  I have not
used "configure" in any of my projects and I'm 
not seeing an answer from my google searches.

  The error that I get is during the "make" where
glusterfs-3.2.6/missing errors at line 52 
"automake-1.9: command not found".

  This is a newer RedHat environment and it has
automake 1.11 .. if I cp 1.11 to 1.9 I get other 
errors ... libtool is reporting that the automake 
version is 1.11.1.  I believe that it is getting the 
1.9 version from Gluster ... 

  How do I get a new Makefile.am and Makefile.in
to work in this structure?


Ian Latter
Late night coder ..

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