[Gluster-devel] How to repair a 1TB disk in 30 mins

任强 renqiang at 360buy.com
Wed May 9 04:46:08 UTC 2012

Dear All:

  I have a question. When I have a large cluster, maybe more than 10PB data,
if a file have 3 copies and each disk have 1TB capacity, So we need about
30,000 disks. All disks are very cheap and are easily damaged. We must
repair a 1TB disk in 30 mins。As far as I know,in gluster architecture,all
data in the damaged disk will be repaired to the new disk which is used to
replace the damaged disk. As a result of the writing speed of disk, when we
repair 1TB disk in gluster, we need more than 5 hours. Can we do it in 30

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