[Gluster-devel] Several question of the geo-replication command

luogenxiong luogenxiong at 360buy.com
Wed Mar 21 02:50:48 UTC 2012



          I am using glusterfs now.I encountered some question when I tested the function of  geo-replication command.I did the following :
          precondition : the volume of vol1 is on server A, the volume of vol2 is on server B;
          1.gluster volume geo-replication vol1 B::vol2 start(running on server A)  
          2.gluster volume geo-replication vol2 A::vol1 start (running on server B) 
          3.to copy some files to vol1;
          4.after some minutes ,to copy some other files to vol2;
          5.to repeat from 3 to 4.
          1.At first,the files copied to vol1 was successfully transported to vol2,the same to those copied to vol2.But soon after, the result of gluster volume geo-replication vol1 B::vol2 status(running on server A) is faulty .
       I hope you can give the answer.Thank you!
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