[Gluster-devel] Re : problem with running mysql on glusterfs

Timo info at n3xus.eu
Mon Jan 2 14:59:36 UTC 2012

Filipe Maia <filipe at ...> writes:
> > 1). I have to restart mysql on client side after mounting then only it
> > allows to login me  , this correct  or I am getting problem .
> I don't quite understand the problem. Are you saying you have to start
> mysql only after mounting /var/lib/mysql? This seems reasonable.

Hi I have the same Problem. The Problem is the following (Server A and B):
Letz say we have to mysql Servers sitting on glusterfs. 
I start the first one (A) and can connect to it simply by "mysql -p" on A

So -- now I am starting the 2nd one - again I can connect from server B by
"mysql -p"

now it is getting funny: 
I go back to server A and try to connect again then I get:
"ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
'/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)"
If I try something like: "mysql -p -h" it works again
Just "mysql -p -h localhost" seems to fail on the Firstly started Server

on the last started server (B) I have no problems at all -- until I restart
mysqld on A: then I have the same issues with Server A

I think the socket is the problem as it is bind to the first server - May I be
right here?

I already tryed to have for each server its own socket but then I need to give
all the time the option --socket. 

sry for my bad english - hope this helps anyway

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