[Gluster-devel] 3.4 Beta Schedule?

John Mark Walker johnmark at redhat.com
Thu Dec 6 13:05:18 UTC 2012

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> On 12/06/2012 05:17 AM, John Mark Walker wrote:
> > Vijay, Avati, Jeff, et al - was just wondering when we can expect
> > the first beta for 3.4 to drop.
> We need more testing before we can arrive at the beta. Ideally, we
> would
> like to hit beta this month.

Thanks, Vijay. Looking forward to the next QA release.

> I have tried to enumerate the new features that are going to be in
> GlusterFS 3.4 here:
> http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Features34

Excellent, thanks. 2 questions:

- under VM image store improvements, is this the BD xlator, or are there other things? I'd like to create a description page with some detail
- there's been a lot of work on UFO/gluster-swift - do you know if this will be included? Or will that be released separately on its own schedule?

> Help for testing and documentation of these features would be very
> useful. More feedback is very much essential for converging on beta
> and
> the release itself. If nightly qa releases are going to help, we can
> consider doing that as well.

I think the way we're releasing QA builds is fine - we'll just need to promote them more to the wider community.


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