[Gluster-devel] [Linux-cachefs] Can I use FSCache/Cachefiles with Gluster Native Client mode?

吴巍 wuwei.tsh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 09:29:07 UTC 2012

Now I'm sure that Gluster FS native client don't support FSCache. There are no codes about FSCache in the source code of Gluster FS.
the command  "mount -t glusterfs server1:/test-volume /mnt/glusterfs -o fsc"  will be executed by /sbin/mount.glusterfs, and the "-o fsc" option will be ignored silently.  

Thanks for everybody.

Wei Wu

From: Suresh Jayaraman
Date: 2012-12-05 15:06
To: 吴巍
CC: Ric Wheeler; gluster-users; linux-cachefs; gluster-devel
Subject: Re: [Linux-cachefs] [Gluster-devel] Can I use FSCache/Cachefiles with Gluster Native Client mode?
On 12/03/2012 05:59 PM, Ric Wheeler wrote:
> On 12/02/2012 10:29 PM, 吴巍 wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I Download the GlusterFS 3.2.7 Release and it works well. And I want
>> to improve the reading performance with FSCache/Cachefiles model.
>> I use the command line:
>> mount -t glusterfs server1:/test-volume /mnt/glusterfs -o fsc
>> and no error reported. But the local cache function of FSCache is not

Does Glusterfs support fscache? File systems typically have to be
modified to include support for fscache (see fs/cifs/fscache*.[c,h] or
fs/nfs/fscache*.[c,h] in the kernel source for example). IOW, they have
to be fscache aware to be able to use the persistent disk caching.

Have you checked if the option 'fsc' is being silently ignored? Try
mounting with '-vvv' to see whether it reveals more.

What do you mean by "local cache function of FSCache is not active"? Did
you mean that the files are not getting cached? or File are not being
fetched from the cache when re-read?

If it is already supported, are you running the cachefilesd user-space

FS-Cache by default uses /var/cache/fscache dir for caching. You could
check whether the cached files are being seen there.

Also, /proc/fs/fscache/stats might reveal more details about pages
marked for caching, retrieved successfully from cache or cache returned
 -ENODATA etc.

>> active. How can I use the local cache function of FSCache with Gluster
>> Native Client  mount mode?
> Adding in the fscache list to see if anyone there has experimented with
> this,

Suresh Jayaraman
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