[Gluster-devel] split brain

Emmanuel Dreyfus manu at netbsd.org
Wed Aug 15 18:15:15 UTC 2012

Jeff Darcy <jdarcy at redhat.com> wrote:

> I really hope the above contains a typo or copy/paste error, because if it
> doesn't then ICK. 

Yes, sorry for the bad copy/paste. Third brick is client-0 and client-1
The relevant part of the volfile is at the end of this e-mail.

> It's odd that the file even exists in both replica sets.  

It is a directory. Directory should be on all bricks, shound't they?

>  If I were you I'd double check that the volfiles look the same
> everywhere, that the same brick names refer to the same physical locations
> everywhere (includes checking /etc/hosts or DNS for inconsistencies), and that
> the xattr values really are as reported above.  I don't think this combination
> of conditions can occur without there being some kind of inconsistency there.

Right, I will check that.

  1: volume gfs33-client-0
  2:     type protocol/client
  3:     option remote-host silo
  4:     option remote-subvolume /export/wd3a
  8: end-volume
 10: volume gfs33-client-1
 11:     type protocol/client
 12:     option remote-host hangar
 13:     option remote-subvolume /export/wd3a
 17: end-volume
 19: volume gfs33-client-2
 20:     type protocol/client
 21:     option remote-host hangar
 22:     option remote-subvolume /export/wd1a
 26: end-volume
 28: volume gfs33-client-3
 29:     type protocol/client
 30:     option remote-host hotstuff
 31:     option remote-subvolume /export/wd1a
 35: end-volume
 37: volume gfs33-replicate-0
 38:     type cluster/replicate
 39:     subvolumes gfs33-client-0 gfs33-client-1
 40: end-volume
 42: volume gfs33-replicate-1
 43:     type cluster/replicate
 44:     subvolumes gfs33-client-2 gfs33-client-3
 45: end-volume
 47: volume gfs33-dht
 48:     type cluster/distribute
 49:     subvolumes gfs33-replicate-0 gfs33-replicate-1
 50: end-volume

Emmanuel Dreyfus
manu at netbsd.org

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