[Gluster-devel] summary of differences from local fs/NFS

Kazuo Moriwaka kmoriwak at redhat.com
Tue Nov 1 07:14:41 UTC 2011


Now, I'm searching $subject to check what application is match for
glusterfs.  I picked some differences from sources, bugzilla pages,or
archived e-mails, but it may not be a good way to approach... 
If already there are some notes or wiki pages, please teach me it.

only 3 items are in my list now:

from local FS:

 - order of operation between two system calls are not guaranteed.

from NFS:

 - open same file twice in same process can be break the file.

Known issues:

 - rename(2) is not atomic (bug 1034)

Kazuo Moriwaka

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