[Gluster-devel] Stale NFS file handle, then EINVAL

Pavan T C tcp at gluster.com
Fri Jul 22 03:33:56 UTC 2011


> As I understand, on READDIR the glusterfs server reports the gfid of the
> shadow linkto file to the client, and subsequent file usage will report the
> correct gfid, leading to the mismatch.

I'll investigate what the issue is.

> You suggest that the FUSE implementation should filter out ESTALE by inssuing
> another LOOKUP? I can implement this, but I have trouble to understand why you
> have a bug report on this problem if Linux FUSE does that.

The bug is there to fix the non-compliance to the expected behaviour 
documented above under certain conditions. The explained behaviour 
itself is not a bug. I referred you to that bug because it is related to 
the ESTALE issue. If the ESTALE problem exists even with the patches 
provided as part of 3041, we need to root cause it.


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