[Gluster-devel] write-behind bug with ftruncatz

Pavan T C tcp at gluster.com
Sun Jul 17 02:31:01 UTC 2011

>     Removing the performance/write-behind xlator on the client fixes the
>     problem.
>     Nobody else got this problem? It may be NetBSD-specific, since the
>     ftruncate() come from FUSE SETATTR issued by the NetBSD kernel to update
>     the file size. I could filter out such messages, but I am not sure it
>     would not have side effects.

If your version of NetBSD has dtrace ported and enabled, you can check 
if the reordering of the calls is happening within fuse at runtime 
without modifying fuse.
Let me know if this line of debugging helps. I need to understand the 
details of the conversion of ftruncate() to FUSE SETATTR. A pointer to 
the corresponding NetBSD code will help.


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