[Gluster-devel] 3.2 vs 3.0 question

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Mon Apr 25 05:15:35 UTC 2011

>  * cluster/unify is listed as Obsolete/legacy.  This has been replaced by
> cluster/distribute.  Cluster/unify had a single point of failure called the
> namespace brick.

Yes, thats true.

> * cluster/replicate replaces cluster/AFR and allows n+ replicas where AFR
> appeared to only allow one.

cluster/replicate is synonymous to 'cluster/afr'. There were some issues
sometime back with having more number of replica copies, but thats been
resolved now.

> * 3.0 config files do not allow on-the-fly changes as 3.2 does.

Config files remain same, but the 'glusterfs' process itself can re-read the
config file from 3.1.x onwards where as in 3.0.x or earlier versions, it
could read the config file only once. Due to this, with glusterfs 3.1.x +
(ie, 3.2.x too),  you can edit config files and make the process re-read it.

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