[Gluster-devel] A big delay

lihang at netopcomputing.com lihang at netopcomputing.com
Mon Apr 11 08:24:03 UTC 2011

 I have two GlusterFS server and the volume status is replica.The client 
 mount the server01's vol and use the GLusterFS usually.
 When I reading on the GlusterFS volume, the server02's interface down 
 suddenly, and the client down together. It will resume after a 
 delay(about 10s),I think it's too long. It will make some errors in the 
 My volume info :
 Volume Name: vol04
 Type: Replicate
 Status: Started
 Number of Bricks: 2
 Transport-type: tcp
 Brick1: server01:/vol04
 Brick2: server02:/vol04
 Options Reconfigured:
 network.ping-timeout: 5

 I've set the option:network.ping-timeout as the min value.But the delay 
 still too long for me.
 Server02 is the backup server,its status should not affect the general 
 Please help me to the problem , thank you.

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