[Gluster-devel] Can I bring a development idea to Dev's attention?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Sep 26 09:43:39 UTC 2010

  On 26/09/2010 09:48, Gordan Bobic wrote:
> I still think it would be worth investigating interfacing with DLM, 
> which already does this sort of thing, and is already there. Untill 
> the scope for re-using that is investigated, it may better to hold off 
> on re-inventing that particular wheel.

Well, I guess I didn't really mean to specify the details of the 
solution, only the requirements.  If DLM does the job, then fantastic!

It seems like we have been here before:

I for one would be interested to investigate whether it's possible to 
financially influence the appearance of this kind of locking/performance 
optimisation.  I'm just a small business so perhaps others would also 
like to choose this time to also indicate their support?


Ed W

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