[Gluster-devel] inode list memory usage

Mike Terzo mterzo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 05:18:45 UTC 2010

I have a very simple glusterfs config setup. I have 2 tcp hosts configured as:

volume LABVOL
	type cluster/replicate
	option block-size 4MB
	subvolumes gfs1 gfs2

I have io-cache set to 16MBs (i know it's low, but i'm debugging
memory usage).
I'm using io-threads as well, and have that set to 2, again debugging
memory usage.

I'm copying 100's of thousands of files and directories to my
glusterfs mount point on a client box.  After about 2 days, the
glusterfs process on the client had allocated 10G of memory.

I recompiled gluster (3.0.2) with -O0 -g and was able to reproduce the
memory growth.  I ran the gluster mount inside valgrind to get an idea
of where all the memory was going.  I found that in fuse-bridge.c that
the inode table was getting created with a 0 value for the lru_limit,
which is used to determine how many inodes to keep in the linked list
(inode_table_prune).  This is what's blowing out the memory on my
installation.  Is there a reason lru_limit is hard set to 0 when
creating the inode_table for the client?

--mike terzo

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