[Gluster-devel] best practice to ensure data integrity at a concurrent

Dongmin Yu min at hostway.co.kr
Wed Feb 17 12:05:00 UTC 2010


I'm trying to store additional metadata like content-type and etc at extended attribute.

My client code are like

fd = glusterfs_open( path );
glusterfs_write( fd, data, data_length );
glusterfs_close( fd );       //------
glusterfs_setxattr( path, attr_name, attr_value, value_length,0 );

My concern is that above client code runs on multiple machines and multi-threaded.
In higher concurrency, client A could write content, client B write content, client B write its attribute then client A write its attribute.
So to speak, file content comes from client B but attribute comes from client A.

If I use a lock server, I can guarantee data integrity. But is there a simpler way to store extended attributes at an atomic environment?
I see another function, glusterfs_fsetxattr which accepts open glusterfs_file descriptor. If I rewrite as following, can I guarantee the integrity?

fd = glusterfs_open( path );
glusterfs_write( fd, data, data_length );
glusterfs_fsetxattr( fd, attr_name, attr_value, value_length,0 );
glusterfs_close( fd );


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