[Gluster-devel] FYI Gluster 3.0.2

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Fri Feb 5 18:24:14 UTC 2010

nicolas prochazka wrote:
> Hello, 
> For your information, glusterfs 3.0.2 still reboot my servers
> Server 1 / Client 1     |   Server2 / Client2               Client1 / 
> Client2 in replicate mode to server 1 / 2  , no performance translator
> Server 1 / Server 2  : 10.98.98.x /24  for gluster interface, 
> 10.10.4.x/24  for external interface
> Unplug ethernet cable from Server 1 ( port 1 10.98.98.x )    => after 
> five minutes, servers reboot, no log, no dmesg.
> Kernel or 2.6.33r6 
> gentoo 64 bits distribution 

How over-optimized is your build? Straight binary install or did you 
build it all with -O999 and suchlike?

> xfs backend.
> fuse 2.8.1

fuse libs at the very least can be ruled out as a cause, since glfs 
3.0.x doesn't use them, it connects straight to /dev/fuse, AFAIK.

> Same server, same configuration, same tests, with gluster 2.9  => no reboot.

It's a little concerning that a process only communicating with kernel 
space through /dev/fuse can cause a reboot like that. One of the key 
points of fuse was to create enough separation to make that impossible...

Do you get a core dump? Is there a core.* file in the root directory ?


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