[Gluster-devel] Spurious disconnections / connectivity loss

Anand Avati anand.avati at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 03:15:01 UTC 2010

> My replication is done on client-side, because this is the only way to have it
> redundantly access the data if one server goes down (in theory).
> If I compare the bandwith used by glusterfs and the bandwith used by nfs for
> the same client it is obvious that nfs uses far less bandwith than glusterfs
> (comparing use of only one server of course). Interestingly incoming and
> outgoing server traffic is merely the same, whereas nfs has far less incoming
> traffic (server side), obviously because the client writes a lot less than it
> reads.

Can you give us hard numbers? Please calculate the differences in Tx
and Rx from ifconfig on your interface before and after large IO
transfer on all the involved clients and servers involved and post it
with the amount of data you transferred at the filesystem level.


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