[Gluster-devel] gluster 3.0.0 catastrophic crash during basic file creation test

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Thu Feb 4 19:04:34 UTC 2010

Tejas N. Bhise wrote:
> Thanks for your feedback on unfsd. We will have a look.

Thanks. The performance is similar between 2.0.9 without any performance 
translators and 3.0.2rc2 with io-cache+writebehind. Without any 
performance translators, 2.0.9 seems to be much more responsive.

> How's the experience on 3.0.2rc1, performance wise, between
> a Gluster client and server using the native protocol ?

I haven't noticed any obvious difference in performance between 2.0.9 
and 3.0.2rc2 on my shared root cluster (single process client/server for 

> Did you see that worsen in comparison to 2.0.9 or improve compared
> to 2.0.9 ? Would be very interested to know.

No immediately obvious difference.


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