[Gluster-devel] gluster 3.0.0 catastrophic crash during basic file creation test

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Thu Feb 4 18:28:39 UTC 2010

Tejas N. Bhise wrote:
> Besides that, if you have recently upgraded to 3.0.0,
> please consider 3.0.2 which would be out very soon
> ( your can even try 3.0.2rc1 ). It has much better
> performance that previous versions too.

I'm no longer that convinced. My observation is that latencies in the 
glfs+unfsd use-case are _much_ higher with 3.0.2rc1 than they were with 
2.0.9. So much higher that the setup is nearly unusable for /home. I 
haven't observed this slow-down with other things on glfs root, though, 
only with unfsd exports. io-cache and write-behind translators seem to 
help a lot, but I'm still weary of using any performance translators at 
the moment, especially with the spurious disconnects I mentioned in a 
separate thread.


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