[Gluster-devel] Re: AFR/Replicate read-subvolume option not working right

Vikas Gorur vikas at gluster.com
Tue Feb 2 08:56:24 UTC 2010

Alex Attarian wrote:
> I'll give that a try Gordan! Thanks for the info! 
> My other question is does gluster perform a read for the extended 
> attributes on all servers regardless read-subvolume?
> This is what my tcpdump shows:

> Does it have to read the trusted.afr.* attributes from every server 
> every time it reads a file?
Yes, the extended attributes are read from all servers on the first 
access to the file (i.e., lookup).
It is not done on every read ().

As Gordon said, this is done to gather the metadata needed to decide 
whether a self-heal
needs to be done.

Engineer - Gluster, Inc.

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