[Gluster-devel] GNU AGPLv3 v/s GNU GPLv3

Vijay Bellur vijay at gluster.com
Fri Aug 20 06:02:27 UTC 2010

Gluster is increasingly being deployed in cloud environments where 
proprietary software vendors take full advantage of GNU GPLv3 license 
without contributing back. FSF early on warned users about the threat to 
software freedom from  "Software  as a Service"  (SaaS) and Cloud 
models. Nevertheless, Cloud and Virtual environments are clearly looking 
as the future of computing platform.

GNU GPLv3 has a loophole which allows hosted proprietary software to 
take advantage of free software without complying to the license. FSF 
addressed this loophole with new GNU AGPL license. As cloud gains 
momentum, GNU AGPL is gaining popularity gradually. We are considering 
GNU AGPLv3 license for Gluster 3.1 release.  We want to hear your 
opinion about GNU AGPL license.

You can find some relevant references about GNU AGPL over here:





Happy Hacking,

Gluster Team

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