[Gluster-devel] Single storage: 80%-read /20%-write

shellcode shellcode at mail.ru
Thu Sep 17 12:35:56 UTC 2009

My project target:
Storage: 1 storage for now (for future 2 in stripe plus mirroring on another 2 in stripe, "glusterfs raid 10" i mean) runing under solaris 10 (ZFS);
Nodes: 4 webservers (Linux), mount one single volume ( /webapp for example) in r/w from storage, apache+php;
Type of load:
Massive reads ~80%;
and ~20% writes, generally in _unique_ files (user sessions for example, pictures, etc), and some concurrent writes in php scripts, but i think ~5-10%.

My question: is glusterfs ready for this (type of load i mean) ?
I deploy tests servers, all work, but now, i can't create heavy load for tests, maybe anyone have positive experience with same config ?


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