[Gluster-devel] file empty when editted using vi

He Xiaobin allreol at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 08:28:16 UTC 2009

After many times of editting a shell script (named s00_job) using vi, I find
that the file is empty when i try to open it using vi, what is interesting
is that the file contents can be displayed using more, cat, and file size is
not zero by "ls -l". However the file could be editted using vi about 10
more minutes later. The file can be editted by vi in another glusterfs
client normally. Applying sync is no use to solve this problem. My glusterfs
version is 2.0.3.

BTW: the problem is very hard to reproduce, and my glusterfs is now in a
heavy load.

Related logs (I started the glusterfs client with -L DEBUG):

[2009-09-12 09:08:58] D [client-protocol.c:4743:client_lookup_cbk] clientA0:
LOOKUP 8511292
109/s00_job (/nwp/grapes_ruc/zhushi/rundir/s00_job): inode number changed
from 349700098
 to 349700100
[2009-09-12 09:08:58] D [client-protocol.c:4743:client_lookup_cbk] clientA1:
LOOKUP 8511292
109/s00_job (/nwp/grapes_ruc/zhushi/rundir/s00_job): inode number changed
from 113147906
 to 113147908
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