[Gluster-devel] Re: GlusterFS-2.1.0-git mount.glusterfs bug?

Mickey Mazarick mic at digitaltadpole.com
Wed Sep 9 02:22:23 UTC 2009

Do you have an eta on when the 2.1.0 branch will be ready for testing?
We are anxious for the ability to replicate mmaped and open files and it 
was mentioned that those would be included in 2.1.0 later in Sept.
Is this still the case?

Thanks for all the great work from the dev team!


Vikas Gorur wrote:
> ----- "Mark Mielke" <mark at mark.mielke.cc> wrote:
>> Hi Anand:
>> Understood that it is unstable - do you want us to help in testing it,
>> though?
> Testing is very valuable and welcome, ofcourse :) The statement was simply meant as a caveat.
> Vikas

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