[Gluster-devel] bug detect in git version ( tag RC5 )

nicolas prochazka prochazka.nicolas at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 21:29:47 UTC 2009

I find a very strange bug, so i send you glusterfs client log file.
When i try to run pg_dump  ( dump program for postgresl)  with -f
/glustermountpoint/TEST )  to write à dump on gluster mount point,
glusterfs is down

pg_dump: [custom archiver] could not close archive file: Software
caused connection abort
ls /mnt/vdisk/ha/
ls: cannot access /mnt/vdisk/ha/: Transport endpoint is not connected

if i do pg_dump -f /tmp/temp.sql   and then mv temp.sql  /mnt/vdisk
, no problem .

Regards ,
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