[Gluster-devel] attr for AFR

nicolas prochazka prochazka.nicolas at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 14:09:08 UTC 2009

Can somebody help me about attr :
in doc i can read :

The extended attributes can be seen in the backend filesystem using
the getfattr command. (getfattr -n trusted.afr.version <file>)

If i do that :
 getfattr -n trusted.afr.version /mnt/disks/export/images/C
/mnt/disks/export/images/C: trusted.afr.version: No such attribute

and if i do :
attr  -L -l /mnt/disks/export/images/import_1237221218
Attribute "glusterfs.afr.metadata-pending" has a 8 byte value for
Attribute "glusterfs.afr.data-pending" has a 8 byte value for

 getfattr -n glusterfs.afr.metadata-pending
glusterfs.afr.metadata-pending: Operation not supported

My backend filesystem is : XFS

is it normal ?

Nicolas P.

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