[Gluster-devel] Latest gluster from git doesn't work.

Alex Attarian u2sashko at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 09:38:18 UTC 2009

Hey guys,

I checked out the latest gluster source from git 6 hours ago, compiled and
installed it. I have two server setup with two clients connected to those
When I try on the client to copy a file from local disk to gluster mount,
the cp process just hangs and then gluster mount disconnects and I get
"Transport endpoint not connected".
The log file on the client shows this:
2009-03-03 20:36:44 E [client-protocol.c:505:client_ping_timer_expired]
gfs1: ping timer expired! bailing transport
2009-03-03 20:36:44 E [saved-frames.c:169:saved_frames_unwind] gfs1: forced
unwinding frame type(1) op(CREATE)
2009-03-03 20:36:44 E [fuse-bridge.c:1433:fuse_create_cbk] glusterfs-fuse:
35: /ssl_engine_log => -1 (Transport endpoint is not co
2009-03-03 20:36:44 E [saved-frames.c:169:saved_frames_unwind] gfs1: forced
unwinding frame type(2) op((null))
2009-03-03 20:36:44 E [client-protocol.c:602:client_ping_cbk] gfs1: timer
must have expired

The same configuration works fine with this version from your ftp site:

Any ideas why 2.0.0rc2 works and latest git checkout doesn't?

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