[Gluster-devel] Network Outage - Expected Behaviour?

Anand Avati avati at gluster.com
Tue Jul 14 09:53:17 UTC 2009

> That's what I _thought_ I noticed about 2.0.2 the other day, but wasn't
> sure. After disconnecting (via network) one of the nodes, it looked like it
> wasn't getting updates any more afterwards. But fully rebooting it made it
> work again. It's possible that I just didn't want for long enough for the
> period re-scan to find it again, though. What is the rescan period? Is it
> adjustable?
> Can any devs confirm if/when a fix for this went into the release? And can
> anyone else confirm or deny this still exists in any recent release? I'll
> retest on my setup over the weekend, but multiple test cases would probably
> help for filing a bugzilla report.

Clients attempt a reconnect every 10s. This has been the behavior for
quite a while. There were a few race conditions in the 2.0.0rc
releases where internal notifications were dropped and hence replicate
would assume the subvolumes never came back up, but that has been
fixed since.


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