[Gluster-devel] Re: Problem with file renaming

He Xiaobin allreol at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 15:39:35 UTC 2009

hi, I have tracked the file renaming problem in my configuration ( I have
mentioned in http://xiaoyou.qq.com/index.php?mod=home ). It seems that the
problem coming because the file has the wrong position. For example, In my
configuration(distribute->client->server->lock->posix), I have two servers,
on client. The problem behaved as following:
In CLIENT side:
  [root at client home] ls /mnt/glusterfs/src
  *total 0*
In Servre side:
  [root at server1 home] ls /tank/export/src
 [root at server2 home] ls /tank/export/src
I once thought there should be two files (*1 and 2*), but as you have seen,
it shown nothing. If you create a file named 1, it sould be placed on
sever1, and server2 for file 2. As the gluster placed file on severs by the
file's name(Though I not quite sure),  I think there might too reasons
invoking this problem:
  1) the hash function works in a wrong way sometimes;
  2) the sever disconneted when client was creating files.
I can provide more information if it helps. Thanks.
He Xiaobin
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