[Gluster-devel] CLIENT_PORT_CIELING (sic)

Geoff Kassel gkassel at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 3 14:26:24 UTC 2009

   Noticed an odd thing with GlusterFS 2.x. It (as compared to 1.3.8) now 
takes over a lot of privileged ports - and a lot of times, the ports stolen 
aren't really 'free' for GlusterFS to be using.

   For example, I run mail servers, and provide the usual access methods - 
POP3, IMAP, and their SSL variants on ports 993 and 995. I've found that 
GlusterFS will often take over ports 993 and 995 - and about twenty other 
privileged ports at the same time. Sometimes really low ports, like port 1 

   This stops other services from binding to these ports. Hence, when I 
attempt a full restart of my GlusterFS dependent services (i.e. when changing 
GlusterFS configuration, or recovering from a crash) I find most of my 
services won't restart properly, which is a big issue for me.

   Browsing through the code, I found the CLIENT_PORT_CIELING (sic - that 
should probably be CLIENT_PORT_CEILING) setting in the transport translators, 
and I've altered this appropriately up to 65536, so that there's no 
competition between GlusterFS and my existing services.

   However, I feel that this is a somewhat inconvenient step to have to make 
in order to get GlusterFS to play nice with other services.

   Would it be possible to have a translator configuration option that allows 
this to be set from a server or client volume file, without having to 
manually patch and recompile GlusterFS each time I want to change this 

   Thank you in advance for your time and effort in considering my request.

Kind regards,

Geoff Kassel.

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