[Gluster-devel] Segmentation fault occurred in glusterfs_getxattr.

Minjae Shin mjshin at hostway.co.kr
Wed Aug 26 09:07:17 UTC 2009



1. When I call glusterfs_getxattr, I received 'Segmentation fault' error
like the following:


Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

[Switching to Thread -1209996640 (LWP 16114)]

0xb7ebc046 in free () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6

(gdb) bt

#0  0xb7ebc046 in free () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6

#1  0xb7f9c611 in __glusterfs_glh_getxattr (handle=0xb7f854c0,

    path=0x808fc80 "/r/rest_test_nodelete/hello_70301.txt",

    name=0x8090206 "hello_70301.txt", value=0x804a008, size=1024,

    at libglusterfsclient.c:2273

#2  0xb7f9c944 in glusterfs_getxattr (

_70301.txt", name=0x8048bbd "user.test", value=0x804a008, size=1024)

    at libglusterfsclient.c:2327

#3  0x0804886d in main () at test.c:54


The attribute name was "user.test" in #3, but this was changed to
"hello_70301.txt" in #2.

About some files, glusterfs_getxattr is working well, but sometimes
working strange including this.



2. This is about glusterfs_flistxattr, and here is my code :


    ssize_t bufsize = 1024;

    char *buffer = NULL;

    buffer = calloc( bufsize, sizeof(char) );


    ret = glusterfs_flistxattr( fd, buffer, bufsize );


The 'ret' is 38 with Success, but buffer is empty. 


Here is the log:

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D [dht-common.c:161:dht_lookup_dir_cbk]
distribute: fixing assignment on /

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D [dht-selfheal.c:435:dht_selfheal_directory]
distribute: 2 subvolumes down -- not fixing

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D
[libglusterfsclient.c:1410:libgf_vmp_search_entry] libglusterfsclient:
VMP Entry found:
70301.txt: /home/minjae/gluster_test/libglusterfs/mount/

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D
libglusterfsclient-dentry: resolved
path(/r/rest_test_nodelete/hello_70301.txt) till 1(/). sending lookup
for remaining path

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D [dht-layout.c:101:dht_layout_search] distribute:
no subvolume for hash (value) = 250795985

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D [dht-helper.c:228:dht_subvol_get_hashed]
distribute: could not find subvolume for path=/r

[2009-08-26 17:21:59] D [dht-common.c:820:dht_lookup] distribute: no
subvolume in layout for path=/r, checking on all the subvols to see if
it is a directory



Could you check these, please?

I'm using glusterfs 2.0.6


Thanks in advnace!


Minjae Shin


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