[Gluster-devel] more details about "No metadata dependencies" ??

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2009/7/31 Raghavendra G <raghavendra at gluster.com>

> Distribute Translator provides the functionality of aggregating the
> storage from individual nodes and giving the unified view of the total
> storage. It stores the layout (which says, which file goes into which
> node) of the directory in extended attributes of the directory. And
> directories are created on all the nodes. Files are created on only
> one of the nodes.
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Suppose that directory A, with its layout as its extended attributes, has a
sub-directory B and there is a file C in directory B.

now the location of file C depends on the layout of A or B? In other word,
could i find file C from directory A's extended attributes?

does a root directory's extended attributes (layout) contains the location
of files under it and its subdirectories,sub-sub-directories...?

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