[Gluster-devel] Combined NUFA and Switch functionality

Marian Marinov mm at yuhu.biz
Sat Sep 27 15:11:04 UTC 2008


I'm testing a new cluster that I'm building and what I want to accomplish is 
simply to combine all the storage space that I have available and have at 
least on replica of all files.

I know how to combine the storage space with UNIFY, and I prefer to use NUFA 
as a scheduler. But is there any way I can get one replica of all data 
without combining all storage nodes in couples for AFR.

So basicly what I'm asking is: Is it possible to combine NUFA with some kind 
of Switch scheduler or should I write my own NUFA-HA scheduler?

Best regards
Marian Marinov
System Architect at Siteground.com

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