[Gluster-devel] getting Input/output error on some files when using tla greater than patch-634

Mickey Mazarick mic at digitaltadpole.com
Fri Nov 21 01:20:21 UTC 2008

This only occurs on about 10% of the files on an afr/unify over ibverbs 
I'm seeing the following:

# cat /scripts/setupMachine.sh
cat: /scripts/setupMachine.sh: Input/output error

glusterfs log says:
2008-11-20 20:03:12 W [afr-self-heal-common.c:943:afr_self_heal] afr1: 
performing self heal on /scripts/setupMachine.sh (metadata=0 data=1 entry=0)
2008-11-20 20:03:12 E [afr-self-heal-data.c:767:afr_sh_data_fix] afr1: 
Unable to resolve conflicting data of /scripts/setupMachine.sh. Please 
resolve manually by deleting the file /scripts/setupMachine.sh from all 
but the preferred subvolume
2008-11-20 20:03:12 W [afr-self-heal-data.c:70:afr_sh_data_done] afr1: 
self heal of /scripts/setupMachine.sh completed
2008-11-20 20:03:12 E [unify.c:928:unify_open_cbk] unify: Open success 
on namespace, failed on child node
2008-11-20 20:03:12 E [fuse-bridge.c:605:fuse_fd_cbk] glusterfs-fuse: 
297: OPEN() /scripts/setupMachine.sh => -1 (Input/output error)

There are only 2 files on 2 of the 6 storage systems and they are look 
identical. I have the same results if I delete one of them. Is there an 
easy fix?

-Mickey Mazarick


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