[Gluster-devel] tar ball or svn or some other way to take a src snapshot?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sat Nov 8 13:12:35 UTC 2008

rhubbell wrote:
> Yeah I've looked at blastwave before. Just never used it. I see they
> have packages for tla.

Basically, if we are constrained to use Solaris, we start by installing 
the Blastwave bits so we can pkg-add useful things that Solaris omits.

> WHo builds the packages they distribute? I was unable to find any
> details.  It looks like Sun backs them.

I don't know ... I think it is a community effort.

> The tla tar ball I dl'd had issues and wouldn't build.

We have found this to be the case with huge swaths of FOSS software.  As 
Dan noted, you might give the Linux direction a serious consideration 
... stuff just works there (tla, etc... ).

On that note, I seem to remember that tla is now in maint mode (see 
under Gnu arch).  This might or might not pose a problem for users of it.

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