[Gluster-devel] Anyone running on Solaris 10?

rhubbell rhubbell at ihubbell.com
Thu Nov 6 02:16:48 UTC 2008

( I did not want to hijack Thomas's thread so I responded here.
I think you had replied to me. (^: )

Ok, I understand that you don't have access to Solaris.  That is new
knowledge to me and something I had asked about on this list days ago.

Also understand your (or anyone's desire) to support a proprietary OS.

I'm new to the Solaris environment after having done GNU/Linux stuff.

It is not possible to provide access.  I can get on IRC if that
would make it easier.

On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 17:52 -0800, Anand Babu Periasamy wrote:
We have GlusterFS in production on OpenSolaris / X4500 environment. We
do not have access 
> to systems running Solaris and our experience with Solaris is also
limited. With limited 
> resources, it is hard to support uncommon / proprietary environments.
We are also working 
> aggressively on stabilizing 1.4. Please do not feel that you are
ignored. We fully
> understand the value of community behind GlusterFS.
> Is is possible to provide us remote access?
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On Mon, 2008-11-03 at 11:34 -0800, rhubbell wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is anyone running on Solaris 10? Can you share what you're running?
> o  What packages did you install from?
> o  Where you got the packages?
> o  If you built from sources could you share with me the config.log?
> o  Any other relevant things I can't think of.... (^:
> o  Do you run the server on Solaris with other OS clients?
> Thanks in advance.
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