[Gluster-devel] Setup recommendations ?

Anton Khalikov anton at khalikov.ru
Wed Mar 26 15:06:28 UTC 2008

Ok thanks Krishna

Next question is - is it possible to extend glusterfs scheme (ie add one
more brick or pair of afr'ed bricks) live, I mean without actually
stopping and starting the whole cluster ? Something like putting a new
version of server.vol and client.vol on every cluster member and send
SIGUSR1 or something to all glusterfsd and glusterfs process examples to
re-read configuration ?

В Срд, 26/03/2008 в 19:58 +0530, Krishna Srinivas пишет:
> Excuse us for not replying :) yes afr and unify can be used that
> way.

Best regards, 
Anton Khalikov

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