[Gluster-devel] nodes don't use swap

Jordi Moles jordi at cdmon.com
Tue Mar 11 11:52:46 UTC 2008

hi everyone,

i'm stressing a gluterfs system i've set up. i've given 2GB of ram 
memory to every node and 4GB for swap. now i've got the system totally 
stressed :) but nodes don't seem to be able to use swap memory. Is it 
can i change anything to make gluster use swap?

I've tried ddt, postmark and bonnie to create thousands of files and see 
how the system reacts, and the bottleneck so far is the ram memory of 
the nodes. They eat the 2GB the have and don't seem to be able to use swap.

Nodes has also two processors, and i would also like to know if they can 
make profit of that or gluster is limited to one cpu.


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