[Gluster-devel] Opensolaris / NFS

baggio liu baggioss at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 09:28:05 UTC 2008

Hi Onyx,
    pls see comment inline.


2008/6/19 Onyx <lists at bmail.be>:

> Hi,
> 2 Quick questions:
> - Does glusterfs run on Opensolaris? (In a stable manner, production
> ready?)

*      not prove yet.*

> - Should I expect problems when a grulsterfs volume's subvolumes are NFS
> mounts from an other system? And the other way around: Any problems expected
> with exporting a glusterfs volume with nfs?

*      NFS can be mounted as usual. But when exporting, a patch of fuse is
needed. Nowaday, mainstream fuse implement didn't support to re-export to
NFS. Abd meanwhile, when we mount glusterfs client into NFSexport point,
--direct-io-mode=DISABLE is nessarry.*

> Just asking bc I want to build a glusterfs sytem with ZFS volumes. So if
> glusterfs does not run  smoothly on opensolaris, maybe exporting the zfs
> volumes with nfs to a linux box with glusterfs on it might be an option.
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