[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS AFR not failing over

Krishna Srinivas krishna at zresearch.com
Wed Jun 11 12:01:58 UTC 2008


So glusterfs/glusterfsds hang when one of the servers go down
and they dont recover. At the point when it hangs, can you
attach gdb to the processes and get bt of them? (glusterfs
and glusterfsds)

Are you using 1.3.* release? non-blocking read/write fixes
have gone in 1.4.* release, where I think this behavior might be
fixed. The backtrace will help.


On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 7:11 PM,  <gordan at bobich.net> wrote:
> No - this is a different problem. If the transport timeout was the problem,
> the access should return after < 60 seconds, should it not? In the case I'm
> seeing, something goes wrong and the only way to recover is to restart
> glusterfsd on the server(s) _AND_ glusterfs on the clients.
> It's kind of hard to reproduce, as I only see it happening about once every
> week or so.
> Gordan
> On Sat, 7 Jun 2008, Krishna Srinivas wrote:
>> Gordon,
>> Is this the case of transport-timeout being high?
>> Krishna
>> On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 1:04 AM, Gordan Bobic <gordan at bobich.net> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have /home mounted from GlusterFS with AFR, and if one of the servers
>>> (secondary) goes away, I cannot log in. sshd tries to read ~/.ssh and
>>> bash
>>> tries to read ~/.bashrc and this seems to fail - or at least take a very
>>> long time to time out and try the remaining server (which verifiably
>>> works).
>>> I get this sort of thing in the logs:
>>> E [tcp-client.c:190:tcp_connect] home2: non-blocking connect() returned:
>>> 110
>>> (Connection timed out)
>>> E [client-protocol.c:4423:client_lookup_cbk] home2: no proper reply from
>>> server, returning ENOTCONN
>>> C [client-protocol.c:212:call_bail] home2: bailing transport
>>> where home2 is the name of the GlusterFS export on the secondary.
>>> Is this a known issue or have I managed to trip another error case?
>>> Gordan
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