[Gluster-devel] hight availability + (afr & striping & Unify)

Victor San Pedro vsanpedro at bioalma.com
Wed Jun 11 08:24:54 UTC 2008


Finally I managed to obtain good time results with my old computers with
the booster volume in "unify" over "afr"...
It was important for me to obtain these sort of result with old machines...

Problems came later.

"A" - If I make "unify" over "afr" and afterwards "striping" when I want
to read a file I obtain a read error by permissions.
I have checked the permissions and are ok. What could be wrong with this
Please, have you seen configuration "A" working properly at your tests?

"B" - If I make "unify" over "striping" and afterwards "afr", I can read
the files, but the storage (because of the final striping) of the files
seems not redundant, therefor not high availability...

My configuration

#       server1-------                           ---
#                            | str1&afr0            |
#       server2 ----------                        |
#                            |    |                        | Unify
#       server3 ------    |str2&afr1        |
#                                 |                        |
#       server4 ----------                      ---

Do you know how can I obtain high availability with the following
1) I need to read the files balanced. (2MB from one server, afterwards
other 2MB from other server and so on) -> Striping
2) Writting of files have to be balanced to my "afr" volumes -> Unify
over afr

Thank you very much.

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